Egg Shop was inspired by and dreamt about in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Eggheads, Sarah Schneider and Demetri Makoulis, met and fell in love a few blocks from Sarah's home in the LES.  Sarah, a Southern California transplant, and Demetri, a native New Yorker, loved to disagree on which coast is really the best and whether or not vacations should be spent listening to classic rock or hip-hop, but the one thing they could both agree on was the magic of an egg sandwich.  Whether an indulgent bacon-egg-and-cheese or an egg-white spinach scramble, they couldn't believe that a restaurant dedicated to the art of an egg sandwich didn't exist, and so began their mission to change that.

Sarah and Demetri met Chef Nick Korbee in mid-2013, and they were blown away by how versatile an ingredient the egg was and the seemingly infinite recipes Nick was inspired to create with it. While egg sandwiches remain their one true love, Nick has opened their minds to a world filled with "eggs any style." Always organic and locally sourced. 

Partnering with good friend and hospitality veteran Florian Schutz, the team decided to set Egg Shop into motion and open a casual eatery that showcased the egg sandwich.

Eggs Y'all!